Every year, prior to hurricane season, your family should review your hurricane plan and make changes as necessary.  It should include if you plan to evacuate, where you will go, the route you will take to get there, when you will leave and what supplies you will take.  If you do evacuate, please make sure your refrigerator is cleaned out, power turned off.

If you plan to stay, make sure you have all supplies necessary to be on your own for at least 72 hours.  If you are planning to go to an evacuation shelter, have your shelter supplies kit packed and ready.  Make sure you have all the materials on hand to protect your home.  Don't forget to make arrangements for pets. 




If your property has storm shutters or plywood, please contact PCS if you would like them installed.  PCS will do all we can to get one of our maintenance vendors out to do the installation. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. The installation and de-installation will range from $100 - $175.

We have informed all tenants that they need to secure all items at the property, anything not bolted down needs to be put inside (potted plants, hoses, grills, lawn furniture, toys). We do not recommend or require tenants to install shutters or plywood.


The follow websites are very informative for Hurricane Preparedness for our area.

Santa Rosa County –

Escambia County –

Weather Site –



Someone from PCS will be available at a minimum by telephone - (850) 983-3000 - to take property information from the tenants. Owners will be contacted ASAP based on the severity of the damage to your property via internet, if available.  Once you are contacted, we ask that you initiate your claim with your insurance company.  Please list PCS as a point of contact for adjusters.

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